Causes of Cold Feeling in the Hands

Some people face such a problem when their hands become cold, regardless of the temperature of the environment.

There are several reasons for this, which can be associated with various diseases, and also have a feature of the body that does not pose any danger. This condition can be the cause of a metabolic disorder, for which the thyroid gland is responsible.

In the case of violations of the level of hormones, symptoms such as rapid fatigue, weight gain, swelling, and a reduction in heart rate are also observed.

It Can Be due to Low Pressure

The feeling of coldness in the limbs can be in those cases when the blood pressure is lower than normal, which is also accompanied by dizziness, especially with a sudden change in body position, tinnitus and naturally cold hands, because blood supply slows. In order to normalize the condition, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will prescribe the correct course of treatment.

In such cases, you should follow the daily routine, avoiding fatigue, both physical and psychological, adhere to dietary nutrition, and also lead an active lifestyle.

Lack of some vitamins, for example B12, can also cause a feeling of coldness in the hands and feet, because in such cases the internal organs do not get enough oxygen, which is why their performance is reduced. Recently, one of the most common diseases, which affects not only adults but also children, is diabetes.

One of the symptoms that indicate the presence of this disease is the feeling of coldness in the limbs. In order to know the level of sugar in the blood, you need to make a blood test, and it is not necessary to visit the laboratory, because it can be done at home, with a special device. Among bad habits, the most damaging effect on the body is smoking, and this applies to virtually all organs, especially the heart, lungs and brain. Everyone knows that every cigarette smoked contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels, which causes blood circulation to deteriorate.

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