Causes of Bone Appearance on the Feet

In some women, usually with age, a bone appears on the legs that does not, only does not adorn, but also brings a lot of discomfort, not to mention the painful sensations.

If it increases to a large size, then it is problematic to choose shoes.

The reasons for the growth of the bones can be different, it’s bruises, and excess weight, because of which there is a big load on the soles of the feet, and also, a long stay in shoes with high heels, when the emphasis is on the toes. However, in most cases, such a disease is inherited.

There are several methods of treatment, beginning with surgical intervention, when after the operation a person for a long time is not able to work because of the difficulty in moving and, sometimes this term reaches two months.

More popular is the therapeutic method of treatment, during which various kinds of tinctures and ointments are used, which allow to reduce pain as well as prevent further bone growth. Such people should limit the use of salt.

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