Causes of Appearance Tingling in the Hands

Sometimes there is a situation where there is a tingling sensation in the hands.

In most cases, this applies to people over the age of 40, because they are more often disturbed by blood supply.

One of the main signs of such tingling is a state of fatigue or fatigue, which usually happens as a result of heavy physical work for a long time.

In such cases it is recommended not to overload your body, but as much as possible to rest and take a bath with herbal infusions, designed to better stimulate blood. Such a diagnosis is often due to the lack of vitamins in the body, which is usually observed in early spring. In such cases it is necessary to include in your diet dried fruits and other products rich in Group B vitamins.

Sometimes a tingling of the hands can be due to the curvature of the spine, which can occur even from the incorrect position of the body while working at the computer. By the way, such work, when it is necessary to print a lot, also negatively affects the blood supply of the hands. It is noted that during the appearance of diabetes, the presence of which the person does not yet know, tingling begins in the foot area, which gradually rises to the upper limbs.

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