Causes of a Bad Sleep in Schoolchildren

To parents, experts recommend that in the first month of the new school year, as much as possible pay attention to the behavior of the child, especially for primary school children.

The reasons for this are several and one of them is that there is a change in the regime of the day, there are additional loads, both psychological and physical, as well as eating time and other factors.

In order to ensure that the child’s body does not experience stress, experts in the field of psychology recommend to prepare it in advance for the beginning of the school year, first of all, normalizing the sleep time, so as not to allow constant lack of sleep, which leads to the appearance of chronic fatigue.

For this, the daily routine should be designed so that he goes to bed no later than ten in the evening, which will allow him to wake up earlier without an alarm. Thanks to this, the child will have enough time for charging, showering, full breakfast, which, by the way, depends on his activity, mood and efficiency.

One of Them Can Be Stress

Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that if a child often wakes up at night, because this can indicate the presence of any disease, or stress. In some cases, the cause of this condition is a heavy burden, because many parents force the child to visit several sections, as well as additional classes, such as studying foreign languages.

At the same time, they do not think that this negatively affects the child’s mental state, because his central nervous system is not yet fully formed. Do not forget that the child should have enough free time, which he can devote to doing what he likes.

An important factor is his communication with classmates, because often there are situations when high school students offend younger children, and not every child can complain to parents or teachers. It is not a secret for anyone that children like fast food, sweet carbonated water and other harmful products, the use of which can negatively affect the quality of sleep.