Benefit and Harm to Salt

Salt is a valuable food, because, due to the large content of mineral substances, it contributes to the better work of some organs and the regulation of water balance.

Some people, considering salt a harmful product, completely refuse to use it, which can increase the amount of liquid that escapes from the body, and this, in turn, will lead to a violation of the electrolyte balance, resulting in a shortage of microorganisms.

Naturally, you can not abuse salt, as well as any other products, because too salty food can cause swelling, lead to a disruption in the metabolic process, which negatively affects the work of the kidneys, blood vessels and heart.

It is Proper to Use This Product

However, if you use salt correctly, then it can be useful for health, but here’s how you’ll find out after reading this article. Very often salt is used as a component for compresses, because as it is heated it retains heat for a long time. When food poisoning for the cleansing of the intestine is good salt water.

In order to avoid the appearance of radiculitis, experts recommend that every seven days before going to bed take a bath with the addition of sea or ordinary salt, which improves the condition of the vessels, joints and spine.

The duration of the procedure should not be more than fifteen minutes. Recently, many people suffer from varicose veins, the causes of which is a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition due to which there is excess weight, as well as great physical exertion.

This disease practically does not give in to treatment, however to get rid of feet from a venous reticulum which becomes hardly appreciable, bandages will help. To do this, take the coarse salt, adding a few drops of ordinary water to it, mix well, and then use a cheesecloth to make a bandage that is fastened on the affected leg area with an elastic bandage. Doing such procedures is necessary every day until a positive effect is achieved, although experts say that the improvement will be noticeable in a week.

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