Because of What the Teak Century Can Appear

There are cases when, apparently, for no reason, the eyelid starts to twitch and the person is not able to prevent such a condition.

Usually, tremors in the century cease in a few minutes, but there are cases when such a state is observed for a long time.

In any case, this situation indicates the occurrence of problems in the body.

One of the main reasons is a stressful state that is observed not only among middle-aged people, but also increasingly among young people, because many of them, having completed the school, can not find a decent job because of the lack of practice. If a person often does not sleep enough, then this affects the work of all organs, and in addition to constant fatigue, headaches may appear eye tic.

Ophthalmologists warn that one of the possible causes of this condition can be dry eyes, which arises from a long stay in front of the computer monitor or when wearing lenses. Malnutrition and the use of alcohol in large quantities affect the state of the nervous system, which affects the eyelids.

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