Because of What Puffiness Appears

As a rule, with the onset of summer, when there is an increasing frequency of hot weather, many people suffer from swelling of the extremities, as well as fingers.

In summer, this condition often occurs in the evening after a day’s work, and not, always during the night sleep it passes, but in the morning often there is swelling on the face.

There are several reasons for this, for example, a large amount of drunk fluids, severe overfatigue, and such symptoms may indicate the presence of serious diseases.

The main factors influencing the onset of swelling are the use of a large amount of salt, which prevents the removal of fluid from the body, as well as increased humidity and air temperature, which leads to vasodilation. In addition, the accumulation of fluid in the tissues occurs when a person sits for a long time or, conversely, has to stand on their feet, which leads to swelling.

How to Avoid Hand and Foot Wracking

On hot days, people often have thirst, to quench them, they drink a lot of water, juices, mineral water and other liquids, as a result, the kidneys can not cope with its removal from the body, so in the morning it is often possible to observe swelling of the face.

An important factor is what shoes you prefer to wear, because close shoes, and also from synthetic materials, will certainly lead to fatigue in the heat, which will surely swell, especially in those people who suffer from varicose veins.

However, this condition is often caused by a violation of the heart and blood vessels, as well as kidneys and liver, so it goes into the stage of a chronic disease, which increases the risk of blood clots.

In order to remove swelling, try using the advice that experts offer. The foot baths with the use of herbal decoctions, the shower, during the adoption of which alternately alternate hot and cold water, and also for a while will take such a position, when the legs are slightly above the trunk, will work well. It should be remembered that all this is only temporary relief, and to find out the real cause of the onset of edema, it is necessary to undergo a survey.

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