Because of What May Be Headache

Many people, regardless of age, often have a headache for various reasons.

This condition can be caused by lack of sleep, nervous tension, or because of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure and air temperature. However, according to scientists, the head can hurt those people who have an increased sense of smell and are too sensitive to various smells.

Women suffer from such migraines most often, and, according to the survey, more than 70% of the interviewed respondents felt pain only a short time after they contacted the fragrance.

The list of smells, from which the head may be very painful, specialists brought in onions and garlic. These natural antibiotics have a mass of useful properties, as they contain essential oils, calcium, magnesium, iron, not to mention vitamins, and are recommended for use to strengthen immunity.

However, in addition to the specific odor, which, incidentally, can be eliminated with lemon juice, vinegar or salt, some people are intolerant of the smell of these vegetables, which leads to a headache.

The Cause Can Become Perfume Fragrance

Despite the fact that perfumes, scented water and deodorants have pleasant aromas, they can also provoke a migraine, especially if the smells are too harsh. In addition to being a passive smoker, you have to breathe cigarette smoke and get health damage, it can also be the cause of this disease.

Since women spend more time in the kitchen, preparing dinners and washing dishes, they are more likely to smell greasy food, washing and cleaning products, which often leads to a headache, and also irritates the skin of hands if you do not use special gloves.

This list also includes air fresheners, which many people use to give freshness to the room. However, the best option will be airing rooms and wet cleaning, thanks to which the air will always be fresh without the use of any aerosols.

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