Because of What Chills Occurs

Because of What Chills OccursProbably, every person, at least once in his life, felt a feeling of chill in the whole body, which did not appear due to cold temperatures.

Experts argue that there may be several reasons for the appearance of such a condition. One of them is cold or infectious diseases, as a result of which the body spends much energy fighting MachoMan results them.

In addition, chills can be a cause of disruption of the thyroid gland, and, as is known, this organ is responsible for the normal metabolic process.

Overwork and lack of sleep can also cause chills, which is often accompanied by headaches, bad mood, irritability. Elevated blood sugar levels contribute to the MachoMan r├ęsultats development of diabetes, the symptoms of which are a feeling of coldness in the hands and feet. Scientists, having conducted a series of experiments, determined that there is a certain category of products that must be minimized or completely discarded. One of them is refined sugar.

It is proved that completely eliminating it from the diet within a month, you can get rid of 4-5 kilograms of excess weight.

And this is not to say that sugar negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

Naturally, you can not completely refuse the sweet, because such products contribute to energy, but it is worth remembering that in fruits and vegetables there is a sufficient amount of sugar, not to mention that it can be replaced with honey, dried fruits, and also with dark chocolate in a moderate amount .

Overwork and lack of sleep is one of the reasons

German scientists found that those people who are constantly nedosypaet, feel not only weakness and fatigue, but also often experience chills.

To prevent this, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality and duration of sleep. Insufficient amount of iron in the body also causes negative consequences, including a MachoMan Ergebnisse decrease in the level of hemoglobin, so you should include in the diet every day foods such as apples, buckwheat porridge, eggs, as well as vegetables, preferring beetroot and carrots and dried fruits. In order for vegetable salads to be better absorbed by the body, you should fill with vegetable oil, preferably olive.

The fact is that four tablespoons of olive oil, used during the day, can clean blood vessels. Spanish scientists say that daily consumption of such oil significantly reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Do not forget that it contains many useful substances that prevent the development Erogan Switzerland of certain diseases, and also lead to harmful accumulation. The use of any medicines can eliminate side effects, including chills, especially with drugs designed to improve the performance of cardiac activity.

In any case, it is necessary to take care of constantly increasing immunity, for which diet food, active lifestyles, as well as hardening and full rest, will be suitable, which will Erogan Suisse make it possible to avoid many diseases and feel in good physical and psychological shape.