Because of What Causes Chronic Fatigue

The feeling of fatigue can arise for some reason, most often because of too much physical activity, but after rest, this condition quickly passes and the person is in good shape.

However, there are cases of chronic fatigue, when, due to rapid fatigue the working capacity decreases, a person becomes less active, irritable, which worsens the quality of life.

In this case, the causes of this condition can be some diseases, and one of the most common is anemia.

Most often this disease is caused by lack of iron and vitamin. To make a correct diagnosis, it is necessary to pass tests and, if the result indicates the presence of such a disease, you must include in the diet red meat, spinach and walnuts.

Some types of heart disease can also cause fatigue. The same happens when the metabolic process is disturbed, for which the thyroid gland is responsible. An important factor is the psychological state of a person, therefore, in the absence of diseases, it is necessary to lead a more active lifestyle.