Be straightened and work for him with an equal backbone

Be straightened and work for him with an equal backbone
Be straightened and work for him with an equal backbone

Stop kowtowing for the owner! Be straightened and work for him with an equal backbone.

“Though for formation of a good bearing years are required, there are also fast ways of its adjustment” — the orthopedic surgeon of the medical center “Medetik” Andrey Zavorovsky pleased us. To apply these methods, you do not have need to go to gym: they perfectly work also at office.

Forward stroke

For a start understand that the reason of the bent back is in your head. “The main pledge of a harmonious bearing — in the correct position of the head and neck” — Andrey assures. Constantly lowering a look and as the fighter young, hanging the head, you provoke stoop. Get a habit during walking to consider crowns or windows of the second floors. It will accustom you to hold a chin above usual (though, perhaps, and will lead to overthrow to the open manhole).

To understand to what ideal you need to aspire, get up at a wall and lean against it a nape, shovels, buttocks and calves of legs. A billeting in this awkward situation several minutes that muscles properly remembered it. When your colleagues in the face of whom you did it otsmetsya, you, without changing position of a body, separate from a wall, having presented that it stuck to your back. Resemble a little with a phantom wall behind shoulders. Further every time when you refresh the got feelings in mind, your body will become reflex to accept a correct posture.

Imaginable business

It is possible to be engaged in speculative exercises and sitting. Present that at you on the head the book lies (the name and the author do not matter though it is desirable that it was Aristotle’s “Poetics”). “The imagined freight will not be worse than the present to give nervous impulses of a front direct muscle of the head which is responsible for the correct position of a neck” — Andrey explains the principle of action.

Adopt army bearing. Imagine that any minute the chief will enter an office and will recommend you for a decoration. Hold a breast so as if on it just now hang up the medal “For Attempts before the Fatherland”. Straightening shoulders, at the same time present as if your shovels are stuck together by a plaster strip (but not an adhesive tape as it is actually).

Subject conversation

Force inanimate objects to help you with observance of a correct posture. Lift most highly the monitor on a desktop. It will force your head to cease to fall.

And here, on the contrary, lower a chair seat down that knees appeared at one level (or even above) with hips. “When knees are below the line of hips, they pull for themselves all body forward, and it quickly tires back muscles” — Andrey says.

If at office there are some mirror, every time, passing by, look in it. Nothing so forces to straighten shoulders as a type of the round-shouldered reflection.

Cruel, but effective method of posture correction — the tightened trouser belt (if at office it is not accepted to take away it from you on an entrance together with laces). “The bearing is supported not only muscles of a back, but also a stomach. Having stuck out a stomach, we “are blown off”: shoulders fall, the back stoops” — Andrey is let in explanations. The close belt forces to hold a stomach involved that affects also a bearing.

Soft landing

Use a trick which is applied by the announcers of television hiding that in life all of them — round-shouldered and humpbacked. Sit down on the tip of a chair. For observance of such precarious position you should care constantly for balance maintenance, and it is possible only with a direct back.

If you want to resemble even more leaders (to twirl by the case, to swing hands and to earn much), put the left leg under a chair, and right extend forward. It will help to keep both balance, and ideally equal back. And maybe, you will even begin to be recognized on the street as those announcers on whom you equal.

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