Assisting with Snake Bite

In the summer, we try to spend as much time as possible and spend in the open air, which is good for health.

The most useful walks in the park or forest zone, because it is here that the air is much cleaner than on city streets.

Such walks are useful for everyone, but especially for children and the elderly.

At this time it is difficult to avoid the bites of various insects, most of which, in addition to unpleasant pain and redness, do not cause. The most dangerous among them is a tick, which carries various infectious diseases, so if it bites you can get serious diseases, especially since the incubation period can develop a long period of time.

However, the greatest danger is represented by snakes, which, by the way, do not attack the first person, but do it only in cases when they are in danger, for example, stepping on it.

In such cases, the victim should calm down and take a comfortable pose, and, do not apply a tourniquet, it is better to try to extract as much poison and apply a cold object to the site of the bite. In addition, use as much liquid as possible and move less.

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