Any Age Needs More to Move

For older people, experts recommend that you move as much as possible, but you should not overload your body, so everything should be within reasonable limits.

Spanish scientists have proved that among the long-livers, and there are more and more of them in the country every year, almost all adhered to an active lifestyle, even at the age of 90 years.

Movement to the elderly is necessary in order to prevent contraction and significantly reduce the muscular system. In addition, while walking, playing sports, and even cleaning the apartment, blood supply improves, thereby preventing the occurrence of blood clots. Regular classes do not allow the emergence of excess weight, because of which there are many diseases that affect life expectancy.

Therefore, in any weather, try to make daily walks, preferably in the park area, because in addition to clean air you will get satisfaction from communicating with nature. In the summer, try to swim as often as possible in open water, because, in addition to movement, such procedures temper the body.

How Often Should I Move?

In fact, it all depends on your individual characteristics – age, weight, height, physical condition. The global norm of the daily physical activity of a person in 2019 is about 10,000 steps (approximately 6-7 km). At the same time, it is recommended to maintain a healthy walking pace of at least 2-4 km / h in order to activate the natural process of increasing muscle tone and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. The morning run of 2–3 km is of great benefit, but it is proteoprovokan to people with arthrosis, arthritis or other diseases of the joints.

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