Advantages and Disadvantages of the Kindergarten

Many parents, when it comes time to go to work after maternity leave, think about how best to identify their child, meaning, to arrange a kindergarten or to hire a nanny.

Most experts claim that the best option would be a garden.

They are motivated by the fact that from an early age the baby gets used to the regime of the day, because eating and sleeping take place at strictly defined hours.

In addition, communication with peers gives an opportunity to get used to the collective. In any such institution, children undergo a pre-school curriculum, which is an important factor before they go to first grade.

Due to the fact that every day, despite the weather, the child must be taken away and brought from the garden, as a result of which he often goes outside.

As for the negative, it is the possibility of obtaining various kinds of infectious diseases, as well as the stressful condition that is usually noted in the first month of his stay in the garden, until he gets used to the educator and other children.

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