Active Children Less Sore

Specialists note that those children who spend more free time on the street are much less likely to suffer from various diseases than those who prefer to stay at home.

There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that being on the street, the child moves more, thereby preventing the possibility of excess weight, whose mouth can develop some diseases, including chronic ones.

In addition, communication with friends during joint games, favorably affects the psychological state and strengthens the nervous system. Such children do not suffer from a lack of appetite, not to mention insomnia, which can occur in those who sit in front of computer monitors for a long time.

Therefore, parents should be interested in the active life of the child, for which the best method is a personal example. At the weekend, the whole family go to the park, where you can ride the attractions, rent a bike and videos. In addition, you can hike in the forest for mushrooms or berries.

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