Abuse of Salt Dangerous for Health

There is a certain category of products, from which use should not be completely abandoned, but it is necessary to control the norm, and one of them is salt.

During the day, an adult should use no more than a teaspoon, while taking into account the fact that it is found in many food products, especially for finished products and semi-finished products.

Nowadays some producers of products, for example sausages, add more salt than the permissible norm in order to increase the shelf life.

American scientists for five years conducted a study, attended by about a thousand people. The volunteers were divided into two groups, one of whom consumed salt in moderation, while others followed a diet with a high salt content.

Excess Salt Impairs Memory

In the course of the experiment, it turned out that regardless of age, people of the second group complained about memory impairment, absent-mindedness and decreased mental abilities more often. Thus, it can be concluded that the abuse of sodium chloride negatively affects the work of the brain, which can lead to headaches. The fact that the substances contained in the salt, adversely affect the vessels of the brain, so in the case of frequent occurrence of headache should be the maximum limit the use of this mineral.

Scientists have long proven that salt prevents the removal of fluid from the body, resulting in a violation of the water-salt balance, which leads to the appearance of puffiness, not only on the face, but on the hands and feet.

An important factor is that salt helps increase blood pressure, so people suffering from hypertension should also limit the consumption of not only the salt itself, but also foods in which it is abundant. This is especially true for elderly people who are recommended to pay more attention to dietary nutrition, limiting consumption, not only of salt, but also of other harmful products, preferring dishes cooked in steamed or boiled form.

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