A Few Words About Allergies

From year to year across the planet one can observe how a large number of people constantly suffer from so-called allergies.

And, according to most doctors, this disease is not a factor that people simply become much weaker.

It’s all that the person is getting deeper into the knowledge of chemistry, which he very often began to use not only in heavy metallurgy, but also to create medicines, but also in those areas where we constantly contact her. For example, today there are practically no detergents, which have their own composition only from natural components.

In addition, very often, yes, there often, in most cases, manufacturers began to add to such drugs a special chemical element that very effectively can fight bacteria on the surface of the dishes, which has stood in the sink for a while. Accordingly, this gradually leads to the fact that a lot of drugs, in particular antibiotics, can become ineffective in some diseases.

What do the doctor’s say?

Doctors explain this phenomenon in such a way that it is just these chemicals that can get into our body, since not always thoroughly the dishes are not washed away from the detergent, which leads to that, along with the food they eat, they get into the esophagus. And since we all know very well, when the antibiotic is not completely killed until the end of the infection and stop further treatment, then this kind of bacteria can adapt to the conditions and gradually mutate. Thus, further use of the antibiotic will cease to be effective against bacteria, which will lead to very sad consequences.

This is what promises all of us that penetrating into our lives, the chemical industry surrounds us everywhere, furniture, detergents, hygiene products, antibacterial agents and so on, gradually destroy our immune system, which leads to the fact that people appear allergies to very many items: new furniture, animals in the house, toothpastes, even tomatoes can be allergic. Therefore, one should try to avoid all kinds of antibacterial agents, and also be more often outdoors.

Source: www.products-eu.com