A Child Should not Get Fascinated by a Tablet

Experts have determined that in our time almost all children can not imagine life without a smartphone or tablet, while, for example, in America, about 90% of children aged two years use electronic devices.

Naturally, with the advent of the Internet, we have more opportunities to realize ourselves, as well as to learn a lot of new things, not to mention the services provided, for example, the delivery of goods at home.

However, with regard to young children, they should not be allowed to use the tablet for a number of reasons.

One of them is that their eyesight deteriorates considerably. In addition, these children deteriorate worldview, because they are more in the virtual world, which can negatively affect their psychological state.

An important role is played by dependence on gadgets, because more often situations are observed when children of school age spend practically all their time in front of their screens, and in case of prohibition, they get irritability, nervousness, and sometimes it comes to hysterics.

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